1. Log into your account as an Administrator
  2. On the dashboard, under your organization's name, click on the ACTIONS button. You will see a list of options (See example screenshot below)
  3. You will see that there are options for Add Administrator or Add Mentor (Please see below for role definitions)
  4. You should see a screen asking information for your Mentor.
    • If you would like to give your mentors the ability to add students on their own, please be sure to check the Can add students checkbox.
  5. You can click on Save and add another to add more mentors or Save to return to the dashboard
  6. Each of the mentor you added should receive an email to reset their passwords and they should able to log into our system

Administrator and Mentor Roles

  • Administrator¬†
    This role could be a Program Coordinator that has essentially has full access to: Add or manage organizations, users (both administrators and mentors), students, calendars, credits.

  • Mentor¬†
    A mentor will not able to manage organization level tasks such as managing organizations, users, calendars. If the Mentor has the right to Can add students, the mentor can add new students.